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      Hi Preda!
      Could you see the article ‘RECEPTOR GENERICO FLEX – UM PROGRAMA PARA VARIAS OPÇÕES DE CIRCUITOS INTEGRADOS – COM PIC 12F675/629’. Inside the zip folder you will find another folder named ‘HEX’ . There are a firmware that you can using with 1ch and 2ch for pt2262 using mode ‘hold’ (the same firmware ).

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    Hi, Claudio Larios

    Thank you for project remote control for use pt2262 4 ch.in newpage from page http://larios.tecnologia.ws/iBlog/archives/4758

    I appreciate your presentation interesting.
    I would like to propose a project remote control 12f629 receptor

    please Limited channels for 1-channel (For example, as shown below.)

    and Limited channels for 2-channel (For example, as shown below.) http://thumbs3.ebaystatic.com/d/l225/m/m05O8nPwgCSBWM8XAYOquug.jpg

    for control by transmitter PT2262 for controlling on-off device ang lighting at more than one point, independent of each other and in different locations by a hope to get it. consider Thank you.
    “Sorry I’m not very good at foreign languages​”

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      Hi, Preda!
      Thank you for your positive comment about our articles. I will examine the possibility of using this component in future.

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